Posted on Nov 25, 2023
  1. Superb

    Superb is a comprehensive web application that allows users to create and manage their work schedules. I worked with the founder and CTO to develop the application’s MVP. I designed the database schema, architected the backend, and developed on the frontend with a small team.

  2. Dayton Truck Tires

    I helped architect and develop this website for Dayon Truck Tires on the Adobe AEM platform, and components using a Java backend. I ensured code was cross-browser/platform/OS compatible. I led Style Guide development and implementation. I also led the development of the Dealer Locator feature, which used the Google Maps API.

  3. Bridgestone Commercial

    Another project I worked on at VMLY&R was the Bridgestone Commercial website. I worked on the frontend of this project, which was built on the Adobe AEM platform. I ensured code was cross-browser/platform/OS compatible.

  4. WeCode KC

    WeCode KC is an initiative that serves the urban core of Kansas City, exposing technology, cyber security, and computer science concepts to underrepresented youth, girls and women. I worked with students to develop the organization’s website and curriculum.

  5. Generative Music Player

    A personal project. A music generator built with NextJS that plays a new song every time you click the button. This project uses Tone.js and Tonal.js to generate the music.

  6. Kansas City Community Events

    A community project built for my partner who is a therapist, this serves as a resource for clients. This project uses Airtable as a database and the TailwindCSS framework for styling. This project is a work in progress.

  7. Nature’s Own Market

    A website I built for a local health food store. This project uses Wordpress as a CMS and Elementor as a page builder.